Archives department of

Stavysche State district administration of

Kyiv regiond


History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

Since 1960, the District Executive Committee archive subordinate and accountable archive of Kiev Executive Committee.Since 1989, the district archive subordinated to the State Archive of the Kiev region by June 1992 - State Archives Stavyshchenskyi Executive Committee further - Stavyshchenskyi district administration.Since the District 09.1994 archive was archival department Stavyshchenskyi District Council of People's Deputies.From 01.1996 year - archival department Stavyshchenskyi District Administration, accountable and controlled by the head district administration and the State Archive of Kiev Oblast.Since 1993, the archive is located in the administrative building department of the village council.At the state stored in the archive section are documents that belong to the National Archival Fund and documents from personnel 7 liquidated without succession institutions. As on 01.06.2012, in archival departments are only 77 funds, 77 descriptions 18,532 od.zb. permanent shelf and 1939 od.zb. of personnel.

According to the order of Stavishche district state administration No. 226 dated May 31, 2016 "On the stealing of the structure of the Stavish district state administration, the archival department was liquidated and the archival sector of the Stavish district state administration was liquidated.

Archival department Stavyshchenskyi District Administration is an independent department Stavyshchenskyi District Administration, formed head of the district administration, accountable and controlled mind state administration and the State Archive of the Kiev region, the State Archival Service of Ukraine legal entity.


Tarasenko O.G. (-1957) Krasnokutska LH (January 1958-November 1961) Kholodenko V.Iv. (November 1961-18.05.1962) SLEPTSOVA Cyrus Danylivna. (18.05.1962-1965) Karaulschuk Alevtina D. (1965-1970) Efim Popelnuh Theodore (1970 - November 1982) Kurinnyi Vladimir Antonovich (November 1982 - 04.04.1995) Slavinsky Michael P. (04.04.1995-01.12.1995) Kirilenko Nina B. (01.12.1995-19.09.1997) Bondarets Oksana (19.09.1997 -)

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